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Way Finding

Wayfinding and Identification Solutions:

Making intense project analysis, site surveys and technical studies.

Developing a comprehensive wayfinding and identification system.

Effectively reinforce the unique brand and image.

Compliment the rustic architiectural design and d├ęcor of the facilities.

Ensuring wayfinding fully meets the navigational needs of the facility

Primarily help all users get to their destination in the easiest, fastest and most efficient manner.

Key Elements

  • Maintain uniformity and consistency throughout the project.
  • Open for future changes, additions will match original design and technical specifications.
  • Choosing the ideal locations and make the positioning of signs more user friendly.
  • Determine the precise sizes for maximum clarity of the information, ensuring legibility from a distance.
  • Possibility for incorporating brand and institutional identity.

Wayfinding solutions studies comprises the following:

  1. Wayfinding Study
  2. Typography and Design Components
  3. Proposed Signage Family
  4. Signage Details(Design Layout)
  5. Signage Location Plans
  6. Bill of Quantities
  7. Sigange Schedule with English Titles
  8. Signage Technical Data
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